Pinetop Technology

We are Pinetop, a tech startup based in Malaysia.

“We are a startup company which strives to improve human effectiveness through technology by developing and providing technical solutions/systems. Our passion is to develop a company like SpaceX, a place for tech genius to gather on making the world a better place”

Michael Chin, CEO – Pinetop Technology

The Executive Team

Michael Chin Jian Ji

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Onion Lim Leong Cheong

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


“Pinetop had covered various projects ranging from building e-commerce systems (Go Save & ECVI Ticketing System), towards developing monitoring systems such as GPS Fleet, Server Monitoring and Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) etc.”

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BOYS水着/ ラブアンドピースアンドマネー (Love&Peace&Money)
BOYS水着/ ラブアンドピースアンドマネー (Love&Peace&Money)
BOYS水着/ ラブアンドピースアンドマネー (Love&Peace&Money)

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Internship Opportunities

Pinetop had offered numerous interns on joining us in the journey of building application systems.

Most of our interns are very satisfied with the knowledge and experience gained throughout their training period. Having your internship in Pinetop will be a great experience as you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in real life commercial projects.

Most of all, they love being here as the culture of Pinetop is far different than any other companies outside.


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